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Investing in sustainability and good environment

BJ-Gear takes responsibility for the environment in and outside the company. We want to make our contribution to reducing CO2 effect on climate, while also focusing on strengthening employee welfare and health. Therefore, we prioritize sustainability and decent working conditions in our investments and the activities we put in place. This is reflected in our new headquarters and factory, where the energy consumption is significantly reduced through effective insulation, intelligent control of power and heat and heat recovery from the comfort and the process exhaust.


Environmentally safe waste management
Hazardous waste as cutting oil, cutting coolant and painting stored securely and sent to proper environmental destruction. We have also established a central cutting coolant system which reduces our annual consumption of coolant by 50%. Machine parts can be cleaned in our environmental station where an oil separator ensures that the oil residues are filtered from the water before it is discharged into public sewerage system.

Environmental station
Central station for system monitoring
Central system for cooling lubricant

Metal waste from the production - steel, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze - are separated and sold for reuse. We reuse ourselves all packages and pallets that we receive. They enter into the shipment of new gears, actuators and spare parts etc.

Chip centrifugal separators

Good and healthy working environment

From administration to production, we have arranged for an ergonomic and environmentally friendly design of workplaces, which meet the minimum requirements of working environment legislation (OSH Act.)

A large number of cranes are thus carrying out the heavy lifting in the production. For the final finish of the gears we use today only environmentally friendly water-based coating. In addition, we have invested in an efficient process ventilation that virtually eliminates any harmful emission into the air. 99.8% of the coolants are intercepted by filters and led back into the machinery. As an added benefit, we are thus largely recycling cutting oils and cutting coolants. Where possible, centrifuged metal shavings for cutting oil automatically return to the machining centers for recycling. Noise insulated compartments and machinery also ensure very low noise levels in and around the company.

BJ-Gear supports a healthy work environment in many different areas among others through:

  • A modern gym, available for employees.
  • Prohibition of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs in the company.

Employees play an active role in improving the physical and mental health. It goes on in everyday communication, but also through the ongoing Work Site Evaluation.


Professional Chemical Control Procedure

Together with some external experts, BJ-Gear has worked out work place guidelines (WPG) for the areas of potential hazardous chemicals. Work place guidelines contain chemical documents a.o. comprising safety data sheets (SDS) and product data sheets (PDS).
The work place guidelines are available in an external professional online system presenting advantages such as:

  • Always updated information on chemicals in one system.
  • The individual employees have access to the information of the work place guidelines (WPG).
  • Prevention of accidents with chemicals by having clear guidelines and ongoing education of employees.
  • In case of accidents involving chemicals or in case of fire, the chemicals may be quickly identified and information are downloaded for use by the physician, the fire brigade etc.
  • The consumption of different chemicals can be measured and controlled.

Safety and first aid
At BJ-Gear all legal requirements for safety in connection with for instance guarding of the machinery and handling of dangerous substances are met.
We have an internal team of Samaritans who can give first aid in case of accidents. With us the Emergency Preparedness also includes a defibrillator which can not only save lives in our company, but in the neighboring businesses and with other neighbors. Our defibrillator is part of a nationwide list of defibrillators being available in emergencies.

Fire Alarm System

An automatic fire alarm system with sensors in every room is connected directly to the local fire brigade. It ensures instant reaction to fire and reduces the risk of serious injuries to people, buildings, furniture, machines and products. The plant also makes sure that the employees via loudspeakers are automatically warned about fire and asked to leave the building.

BJ-Gear”™s management, the safety representatives and the safety committee are continuously working in order to further improve the security.

Medarbejdere BJ-Gear A/S

Personnel policy and education

BJ-Gear is characterized by an unpretentious and respectful tone in the organization, a high level of information and a high degree of employee responsibility. We have always had a high employee seniority which is largely attributed the good working atmosphere in the workplace.

We back up the employees who wish to acquire new knowledge and deal with a wider range of tasks. We provide the necessary professional qualification. For production workers this could for instance be a trucks certificate or specialized courses in programming and operating CNC machines. Training is often done as job training where experienced colleagues provide a thorough instruction in the processes and functions.
To ensure a greater flexibility and overlap by absence, we work with a Cross Training Matrix describing the overall skills of the employees. This matrix is used simultaneously as a management tool for the training and upgrading of employees.